I’m Becky. The voice behind Sunny Birth Club. My decision to become a Hypno-Birth instructor was fuelled by a desire to inform and empower people about childbirth.

All we hear is negativity, pain, things going wrong. Birth doesn’t have to be scary. It can be fun and exciting.

The only reason I had an amazing birth with Sunny (yep she’s the gal behind the name) is because I blocked out the noise, centered myself and got informed.

I said I am a strong capable woman and ain’t no one going to intervene my birth experience :-)


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It’s getting informed about birth. It’s learning all about the process of birth, the hormones involved, how to choose your birth place, how your environment can help you to feel positive, the role of the birth partner, the stages of labour, positions, how to write a birth plan and much more!

What is hypnobirthing?

It's a change of mindset. Knowing what the body is doing and HOW, can really help you to see birth as a bodily function like any other and take a lot of the fear away. Between understanding the science and taking in lots of positive information about birth, you can completely change your mindset from one full of fear into one full of excitement and confidence.

It’s learning decision making. Knowing your rights when it comes to birth and knowing how and where to get all the information you need. This helps you to feel informed and confident in making the decisions needed to birth your baby. These decisions maybe during your pregnancy journey or during the birth.

It’s self relaxation and pain management. You will learn breathing techniques, visualisations, the power of positive affirmations and many more! These tools are an incredible way to prepare for birth and remain calm and comfortable throughout.

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