Creating an Optimum Birth Environment

Some handy tips for adjusting your environment to help keep the Oxytocin flowing!

Rebecca Newell

4/17/20242 min read

Oxytocin is a powerful hormone produced by your body during labour. It's responsible for uterine contractions which are essential for the progression of labour, and plays a crucial role in creating feelings of connection, trust, and love. In essence, oxytocin is your body's natural ally during childbirth!

The release of oxytocin is heavily influenced by your environment, emotions, and the people around you. The great news is you can actively work to keep your oxytocin levels high by packing a birth bag of tricks...

Here are some things that will help you ride the oxytocin wave!

Sexy, Delicious-Smelling Massage Oil Imagine a sensual massage from your partner or doula, lighting up your oxytocin party and soothing those labour pains.

Sunglasses Grab your cool shades or rock an eye mask for the hospital journey – because guess what? Oxytocin's all about that 'dark and mysterious' vibe!

Magnesium Salts Dive into a warm, bubbly bath infused with magnesium salts - pure relaxation that's like a spa day for your oxytocin levels, leaving stress and discomfort in the dust.

Positive Affirmation Cards Get your positivity game strong! These cards are like little nuggets of zen that'll keep your mind in a happy place and your oxytocin levels soaring.

Birthing Ball Time to groove! Use this bouncy buddy to switch up positions, dance, or just sway to the oxytocin rhythm and get gravity movin!

Deep Breathing and Relaxation Techniques These aren't just for yoga class; they're your secret oxytocin weapons! Practice them with your partner so they can whip them out when you need a dose of calm.

Headphones/speakers Make some playlists of music you find relaxing, it may be all your favourite songs or just a calming background music. Playing your favorite bangers can totally chill you out and keep those good vibes flowing

Nipple Playtime Yep, you read that right! Gentle nipple stimulation can kickstart an oxytocin dance party and give those contractions a little pep talk.

Mood Lighting and Zen Zone Think battery operated tea lights or fairy lights. Create your own dimly lit, peaceful birthing haven, where disruptions are a no-no.

Carbloading Time Think of it like you're prepping for a marathon or an epic bike ride. You want those slow-release energy champs. Think nuts, seeds, bananas, flapjacks, dried apricots, rice cakes and nut butter. They'll keep you going strong!

Stay Hydrated, Superstar Hydration is the name of the game. Water is your trusty sidekick, but throw in some coconut water or Lucozade for that extra electrolyte punch. Pop 'em in a water bottle, or have your own trusty straw on hand. It's about keeping that face relaxed and staying sippable in all those epic birthing positions!

Small Comb Hold it like you mean it! Squeeze those teeth right where your fingers give the palm a high-five. It's like a secret acupressure handshake with your hands!

TENS machine It's like your pocket-sized dance partner for labour. When those contractions start their moves, it sends soothing tingles to your muscles, making you go, 'Oh yeah, that's the good stuff!' It's like your personal electric chill-pill dispenser to help take the edge off the pain.

Get comfy Grab those comfy clothes, slide into some fuzzy socks and slippers, and snuggle up in your favorite blanket. And here's the secret sauce: give 'em a spritz with your go-to perfume for that extra 'feel-good' oomph!

Your trusty birth plan Don't leave home without it! This little gem is like your secret playbook. It's there to remind you, your birth partner and midwives of your labour game plan.

And Remember! Every birthing journey is unique, and what works best for you may differ from others. The key is to create an OXYTOCIN OASIS that aligns with your preferences and helps you tap into your body's innate ability to birth with confidence, strength, and love.